CAcert Board Decisions

Approved 2016-11-23 00:00:03 UTC

m20161119.3: Decline arbitration case a20150725.1 as DRO

Resolved, that case is a20150725.1 is declined, as per DRP 1.5.  In making
this assessment, board acting as DRO notes the following.

incorporated into the case file.

1. That, there is an active case
a20150725.2 over the main topic.

2. That, the case is misfiled, as a. no
remedy is requested, and b. the cause or complaint is not clear. 
Especially the words “Please investigate why…” indicate that this is a
team grumble, and the Arbitration forum is neither an investigative service
nor a way to attack other teams.

3.  The closing remarks “Should this
case be dropped or not be handled by 1st December 2016, a notification to
OFT will be sent” are tantamount to a threat, and by going over the top of
the Arbitration forum, place the claimants in breach of CCA.

4. This case
was filed into private part which should be reversed.  Everyone is to be
reminded that the privacy possibilities of case management should be
reserved for cases where there is a need for privacy. This case is to be
made open.

[Note: motion recorded from committee meeting]

Due 2016-11-22 23:59:59 UTC
Proposed Gero Treuner (2016-11-19 14:41:01 UTC)
Vote type: Motion
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