CAcert Board Decisions

Approved 2011-02-25 00:00:05 UTC

m20110221.1: account access paragraph

Resolved that, we accept the following new text for the paragraph of the
annual report discussing loss of access to the account:

\"In the last
months of 2010, this board was not able to retain full access to the bank
account to faciliate the production of the financial report. This was due
mostly to the factors outlined in the main report. Much effort was expended
on adding a non-Australian, but this proved too hard. We suffered the
unavailability (*) of the sole signatory before we could get others added.
To address lack of access, Kevin Dawson was appointed as new Public Officer,
and with the assistance of Ian Grigg, proceeded to gain access to the
account directly through the bank. This involved several trips, a lot of
paperwork, many motions and many minutes. Success is not expected before
this report completes.\"

and make it final.

(*) in Board Meeting
20110220, /resignation/ changed to /unavailability/ from the new text
discussed on maillist.

Due 2011-02-24 23:59:59 UTC
Proposed Ian Grigg (2011-02-21 11:52:00 UTC)
Vote type: Motion
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