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2009-10-06 00:00:02 UTC

m20090928.1: Run Tverify as-is until End Of Life 20091116

Tverify programme is to restart, for a short period until 16th of November,
or whenever the hosting CA shuts down their web of trust and makes the
information unavailable by server control or revocation of certificates.
This overturns motion m20090912.1 for Tverify only.

These restrictions to

a. The Assurance Officer, Event Officer and Board to have
visibility over the programme.

b. The number of points allocated to a
member who provides a certificate with full Name and details is 25 as is, or
up to 50 if there is alternative evidence over the Name, email and date of
birth (see below).

c. Additionally, if the voting group of Tverifiers can
see evidence of \"full Thawte Notary status\" in the Thawte system, they can
allocate another 25 points, or up to 50 if there is evidence of the date of

d. Evidence of date of birth may be provided by a scan of a high
quality photo-id document, signed by the certificate, or by the Thawte
online system. Scans must be destroyed once examined.

e. The maximum
points allocated by the sum of the above methods is 100 assurance points.
Experience points are not transferred. Assurer\'s judgement must be
applied. Our Tverifiers (our CAcert Assurers) are responsible for this
system. No responsibility is placed on Thawte.

f. All points that are
allocated under the Tverify system are to expire no later than 20101116.
This is retrospective. Implementation depending. Members with Tverify
points should be warned, at least one month before the cut-off. However to
give the implementation team maximum flexibility, there is no definate
requirement on warnings, and the team must go ahead if warnings prove too
difficult to deliver.

All points so allocated under the Tverify system
should be marked as such to permit early expiration.

g. Work already done
on preparing the Tverify subsidiary policy may be redirected to creating a
policy to accept the certificates of other CAs as evidence of Name and

h. After the system is shut down, the Tverify team is requested to
advise to board on basic statistics and observations.

Due 2009-10-05 23:59:59 UTC
Proposed 2009-09-28 19:04:57 UTC by Ian Grigg
Vote type: Motion
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