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Approved 2009-06-19 20:52:01 UTC

m20090612.5: Intermediate Audit Funding

The current audit project is over budget. A number of legitimate factors
are the cause.

I propose as a temporary measure until new funding is
found, that we cover the expenses of the auditor. Audit expenses will be
preapproved by item by the Sub-Committee for intermediate funding.
subcommittee will take care of the weekly needs of the auditor (and more
generally the audit project) and pass the expenses from CAcert bank accounts
to the auditor, as the situation is critical now.

Sub-Committee for
intermediate funding: President, Treasurer, Vice-President, Secretary & the
Auditor (with no voting right).

When funding is found, that funding will
reimburse CAcert prepayments from the new budget.

I agree with
Teus\'s and Guillaume\'s statements that the motion of PhilippD was to
quickly formulated without discussion or input from other board members.
The failure to approve the motion m20090609.1 as written followed. With
Dunkel aware of some of the discussions going on, did he not inform

I request PhilippD explain this misunderstanding with Ian as it has
now caused Ian to write his resignation from audit email, effectively
stalling the process. Such actions and events are concern to question and
initiate exploration of the Ian expense costs issue.

Due 2009-06-19 20:51:15 UTC
Proposed Greg Stark (2009-06-12 20:51:15 UTC)
Vote type: Motion
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